Library Family Fun Night

This year as we celebrated National Library Week with the theme “Libraries Transform.” Fort McDowell Tribal Library transformed with a family fun night focusing on Yavapai language. Some people may say, the library isn’t a fun place to hang out but the conception to that is it can be fun. Libraries transform lives and communities by providing free access to technology, career development resources and the skills to help communities thrive in the digital age.

Well, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, we transformed on Wednesday evening with games played in Yavapai. Karen Ray led the group in Yavapai aerobics.

  • M’sqwii`h | stand
  • Salah wass’wassie | wave your hand
  • Suuk`kah-onvih | bend over
  • M’voh | walk
  • V’yahm-mih` | run
  • Diss`qwinvih | twist
  • M’waah | sit

Library Assistant Nancy Paya presented “Hedbanz.” The quick question game of “What am I?” in Yavapai.

  • Mwhaddah | I am a Bear
  • Iinii sah | I am a Spider
  • Jimbuk`gah | I am an Ant
  • Hani`go | I am a Frog

Finally, Ms. Jackie presented the “Yavapai Family Feud” game with music and all. The participants felt like they were on TV with Steve Harvey. Round 1 and 2 Questions:

Name animals that live in a Barn

  • A `hada | Horse
  • Ko`hjiih | Pig
  • Qwali`yaw a | Chicken
  • `Qwaqta | Cow

A crawling creature that scares you in the dark

  • Ii`nii`sah | Spider
  • Ill`luu`wih | Snake
  • Wey ehh | Mouse

What a wonderful evening spent in the library with families and friends sharing the laughter, smiles of enjoyment with each other as we learn the language and the use of technology as we continue to become stronger in our language presenting it in a fun manner.