Take a story with you everywhere you go!

Through a Grant from Arizona State Libraries and Archives, the Tribal Library is offering another way to obtain a story if you cannot be face-to-face.  Dial-A-Story, a free program that allows patrons to call the tribal library and listen to taped stories.  Library staff, Cultural Department staff, Cornelius Nelson, Harrison Bahe, and tribal and tribal member Karen Ray have been recording various stories in English and in our native Yavapai language.  Dial-A-Story is a program with fifty or more titles you can choose from including other libraries here in Arizona.  Select Fort McDowell Library stories and move around in your listening.  This program will begin in June and run through September.

Dial-A-Story is a great way for parents to spend time reading with their children outside of the library. The free program can help children escape digital media and learn to enjoy the simple act of reading. Dial-A-Story will also help young children get ready to read and help school-aged children progress better when taking standardized reading tests. Reading is an important aspect of everyday life and Dial-A-Story can help foster a love for reading early in childhood.

Through this COVID-19 epidemic experience, libraries are wanting to stay connected to their patrons since many libraries are not fully open.   Fort McDowell library wants to continually stay connected and provide quality programs for our community.